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Step 3 - Pricing


The Pricing tab in Bundlemaster provides you with options to define the pricing structure for your bundled products. It offers flexibility in setting up both fixed and dynamic pricing strategies to meet your specific business requirements. Here's an overview of the features available in the Pricing tab:

1. Pricing Options:

  • Fixed Price Checkbox: Enable this option if you want to set a fixed price for the bundle product. When selected, you'll be prompted to enter the fixed price that will be applied uniformly to all instances of the bundle.
  • Dynamic Price Checkbox: Activate this option to implement dynamic pricing rules for the bundle product. Dynamic pricing allows you to define custom rules or algorithms to calculate the final price of the bundle based on various factors such as product quantities, selected options, or applied discounts.

2. Fixed Price Configuration:

  • Fixed Price Field: If the Fixed Price checkbox is selected, you'll be prompted to enter the fixed price that will be applied to the bundle product. Bundle Image

3. Dynamic Price Configuration:

  • Dynamic Pricing Rules: Define specific pricing rules or algorithms to calculate the bundle's final price dynamically. You can set up rules based on product quantities, total value, applied discounts, or any other relevant criteria to offer personalized pricing to your customers.

    Bundle Image

  • Price Adjustment: Implement price adjustments or modifiers to account for changes in the bundle configuration or customer selections. This feature allows you to apply discounts, surcharges, or other pricing adjustments dynamically based on predefined conditions.

    Bundle Image

By leveraging the options available in the Pricing tab, you can create versatile and tailored pricing strategies for your bundled products, whether you prefer a fixed pricing model for simplicity or dynamic pricing for greater flexibility and customization.