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Step 2 - Steps

Single-Step Bundles

It's also possible to create single-step bundles. However, with multi-step bundles, users can be guided effectively through a flow or journey, enabling the upselling of more products and thus increasing the Average Order Value (AOV).


The Steps tab in Bundlemaster allows you to define the sequential steps that customers need to follow when assembling a product on your website. Each step represents a specific action or selection required during the product customization process. Here's an overview of the functionalities available in the Steps tab:

1. Step Configuration

  • Step Name: Define a descriptive name for the step, indicating the action or selection it represents. Bundle Image
  • Step Message: Provide a brief description or instructions for the step to guide customers through the customization process. Bundle Image
  • Minimum Selection: Specify the minimum number of items that must be selected in this step.
  • Maximum Selection: Set the maximum limit for the number of items that can be selected in this step. Bundle Image
  • Required Step: Determine whether this step is mandatory for completing the product assembly process.
  • Multiple Allowed: Indicate whether customers can select multiple instances of the same item within this step.
  • Multiple Variable Allowed: Specify whether customers can choose multiple variations of the same item within this step. Bundle Image

2. Selectable Products

  • Products Selector: Choose the products that will be available for selection within this step.
  • Collection Selector: Define which product collections will be included in the selection options for this step. Bundle Image

3. Messages

  • Messages Block: Utilize messages to inform customers about current promotions, special offers, or other relevant information specific to each step. Customize messages for each step to provide targeted guidance or incentives. Bundle Image Bundle Image

4. Preselected Products

  • Preselected Products Block: Set up preselected products that will automatically be included or pre-checked within this step, streamlining the customization process for customers. Bundle Image

By configuring the Steps tab effectively, you can create a streamlined and intuitive product customization experience for your customers, enhancing engagement and satisfaction while driving conversions on your Shopify store.