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Step 1 - Master Product

Master Product

The Master Product tab within Bundlemaster serves as the initial step in creating a bundle. It allows you to define the fundamental attributes and settings for your bundle. Here's an overview of the functionalities available:

1. Bundle Information:

  • Bundle Name: Define a unique name for your bundle product.

  • Description: Provide a brief description to describe the bundle's contents or benefits.

    Bundle Image

  • Product Image: Upload an image that represents the bundle product. This image will be displayed alongside the bundle on your Shopify store.

    Bundle Image

  • Status: Set the status of the bundle, whether it's active or inactive, to control its visibility on your storefront.

    Bundle Image

2. Additional Options:

  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): Assign a unique SKU to the bundle product for inventory management purposes.
  • Tags: Include relevant tags to further categorize and label your bundle product.

3. Save and Preview:

  • Save Changes: Once you've configured the bundle settings, save your changes to apply them.
  • Preview: Preview how the bundle will appear on your Shopify store with the configured settings before making it live.

4. Editing and Deleting:

  • Edit: Make modifications to the bundle settings or attributes as needed.
  • Delete: Remove the bundle product if it's no longer required or if you want to create a new version.


  • Ensure the bundle name and description effectively communicate the value proposition of the bundle to potential customers.
  • Choose a visually appealing and representative image to showcase the bundle on your storefront.
  • Review the status of the bundle to control its visibility based on your marketing strategy or inventory availability.

The Master Product tab serves as the foundation for creating compelling bundle offerings within Bundlemaster, allowing you to customize and configure essential details to optimize the bundle's presentation and performance on your Shopify store.